Despite unfortunate stereotypes, the legal system isn’t limited to hardened criminals and lawsuit scammers; most people who require legal assistance are kind and compassionate, but also gravely concerned about their future. As a person who never expected to need a lawyer, it is now imperative that you find the best criminal defense or personal injury representation possible.

Whether you’ve been targeted by criminal charges or were the victim of negligence, you deserve to have a Ramona attorney on your side — ideally one who will fight aggressively for your best interests. We can provide the personalized service you need, all in the pursuit of justice.

How a Ramona Attorney Can Help

The moment you opt to work with our practice, you’ll receive detail-oriented counsel. We’ll explain all aspects of the legal system in a way you can understand. You will feel fully prepared to navigate the legal system, and confident in your prospects. From initial questioning to arraignment and beyond, we’ll provide the zealous defense you require. Spanning the entirety of San Diego County, our valued clients face a variety of legal concerns — but all receive exceptional legal counsel and representation.

Our Promise to You

All clients, regardless of their personal circumstances, deserve the respect of their attorneys. We are proud to offer that much-needed respect, along with an equally valuable sense of compassion. We’re always honest with our clients, but also sympathetic to the difficulties they face. If you work with us, you will never feel unfairly judged. You’ll always be confident that we’re on your side, and that we truly care.

We pride ourselves on exceptional accessibility, so you can count on receiving prompt feedback. Attorney Sciarretta is consistently available to address his clients’ needs.

Don’t allow negligence or criminal charges to ruin your future. With the right criminal defense and personal injury attorney on your side, you can emerge with a desirable case resolution. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about the range of services we provide, and to get a feel for Mr. Sciarretta’s effective legal approach.

About us

Our firm champions the cause of the individual facing seemingly overwhelming odds. Whether it be the State with its entire divisions devoted to prosecution or large national insurance companies with vast resources devoted to defending claims. Facing these forces is a constant reminder that justice is only achieved through dedication, and that is what we offer our clients. Our clients know that they can reach us any time.

Every case undertaken by our firm is prepared as if it were going to trial. We believe that this position reflects the best possible method to give our clients every available option, including settlement. We will not settle your case without your approval, and you will have the absolute right to accept or reject any settlement. Our clients rest assured that their informed choices will be heard and understood.

Every day, regular people learn that they need help navigating the legal system – something they never wanted to do. Consulting with an experienced attorney is the first step in taking control of your legal matter. Contact our office today 760-789-2611.