A criminal charge can have a lasting impact on your life; from the immediate impact of fines and fees to even the possibility of jail time, a criminal case will disrupt your life in more ways than one. From a DUI that result in the loss of your driving privileges to consequences that impact your career and ability to work, if you have been charged with a crime it is essential to seek out the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

There’s No Such Thing as a Minor Crime in San Diego County

Even a misdemeanor could send your life into a tailspin and make it difficult or impossible for you to secure a job, attend school or even work as a volunteer. Some professions restrict licenses for those with criminal convictions; a DUI or criminal conviction could force you to seek other employment, even if you have been working in your field for years.

Anthony Sciarretta represents clients facing criminal charges including the following:

1. Robbery
2. DUI
3. Assault and Battery
4. Drug Crimes
5. Serious and violent felonies
6. Theft
7. Sex Crimes
8. Burglary
9. Probation Violations

You don’t have to face the court or defend yourself against these charges alone; a criminal defense attorney can help you get through this difficult time. The best way to improve the outcome of your case is to seek the help of a DUI or criminal attorney right away. Anthony Sciarretta can help you understand your options and may be able to help you avoid conviction entirely.

DUI and DWI Matters

Including DMV Administrative Hearings

When someone is charged with a DUI, he or she faces two matters:

(1) a criminal action in the Superior Court; and
(2) a civil action before the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The DMV has the administrative authority to suspend your driving privilege. Our attorneys are experienced in Superior Court proceedings as well as those before the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Get help from a Ramona Criminal Defense Attorney

As criminal cases, by their nature, are very personal they require a high level of trust and rapport between attorney and client. Large law firms and government agencies often fragment representation in order to address their large caseload, which sometimes fails to create a trusting, familiar relationship with their clients.

For this reason, Mr. Sciarretta will personally represent you in every aspect of your criminal matter from start to finish. Mr. Sciarretta, as a matter of principle, ensures that his clients are able to reach him at any time to address their needs. To set up a free consultation, you can contact us online, call our office at 760-789-2611, or contact Attorney Sciarretta directly at 760-315-1535.