Suffering an injury or losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence can have a devastating effect on your life. It seems like everything changes in an instant and you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure about how to move forward navigate the legal system. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who will get you fairly compensated. Attorney Anthony Sciarretta practices personal injury law in San Diego County and is ready to fight for you.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles allow most Americans to enjoy opportunities they likely wouldn’t have without a motor vehicle: A commute to a job that isn’t available in your hometown; the ability to visit family living elsewhere in the state. But this opportunity comes with the risk of serious injury and sometimes death. In the United States, there are 42,000 fatalities from motor vehicle accidents every year. There are about 4,000 spinal injuries resulting in quadriplegia resulting from accidents every year. Motor Vehicle Accidents are the cause of 3 million whiplash injuries every year, with 10% of the injured becoming disabled. Accidents with motorcycles and automobiles impacts results in many riders suffering broken bones, road rash, soft tissue injuries, disfigurement, head trauma and many other serious injuries. These accidents leave many people struggling physically and financially in the aftermath. It’s imperative that negligent drivers be held accountable.

Wrongful Death

The loss of a parent, spouse, child or other family members can be difficult to fathom. It feels like one moment they’re in your life and the next they are gone. When you lose someone before their time because of carelessness, it’s even harder to handle. There are a surprising number of wrongful death suits brought against negligent parties and insurance companies as a result of catastrophic motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice and elder abuse among other reasons. In these cases, it would be grossly unfair for your family to bear the burden of medical bills, funerals costs and the lost income that person brought into you family.

Back Injury

The spine makes up the very foundation for human mobility. It also tends to be quite fragile. A disc or soft tissue injury from a slip and fall can leave you laid up and out of work. The long-term repercussions can affect your quality of life indefinitely. Having a personal injury lawyer help you understand the breadth of the loss can bring clarity about realistic financial needs and compensation. Many times, long-term care is more costly than people comprehend.

Brain Injury

The increased media coverage about the debilitating effects of traumatic brain injuries have made people more aware of their seriousness. We’re just now learning about long-term rehabilitation needs and that these injuries may not manifest right away. Whether the brain becomes impaired due to blunt force trauma from a slip and fall, car crash or excessive anesthesia during a medical procedure, once you have been harmed, proper treatment and care must be secured.

Premises Liability

Slippery floors and cluttered sidewalks rank among the most common ways that people slip and fall. They result in a substantial number of broken bones, injured backs and head trauma. When you or a loved one suffer an injury because a property owner didn’t maintain the premises appropriately, you may have a cause of action. Fortunately, most property owners carry liability insurance. These companies generally recognize negligence and negotiate a settlement. When they try to underpay or deny a claim, we’ll hold their feet to the fire and help you to obtain the compensation you need.

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